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  • How long does battery ?

    It’s depend on size of greenhouse and working time Zujko device, batteries can work from a few days to all season.



  • What is greenhouse size enough for one Zujko device?

    One Zujko device can to insemination 3.000-4.000 flower clusters per hour. Depending on the number of stems, insemination speed and greenhouse size is determined and number of needed devices. Handled by only one person.



  • Is it necessary to do insemination when the greenhouse opened?

    Many tomato manufacturers stop with insemination when they open greenhouses, it is common mistake. Tomato is specific plant, there is little sugar in it and insects don’t visit it.Draft helps but it isn’t enough for full insemination process.Spontaneous insemination in greenhouse reduces, so in closed places necessary help to plants.



  • Why do appear tips on tomato, sometimes?

    You used hormones for insemination.

    IMPORTANT: Recommendation „FAD“ – OUN for food and agriculture. „Using of hormones preparation isn’t allowed“. This recommendation there is in many Europian countries. In our country, there isn’t using of this recommendation, so it is pitty. Costumers can’t controle tomato quality.


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    Mutations on tomato in picture are often sight on our markets. Nodule and pisiform growths whitch are not unique for this plant, are noticeable on it. Genetics changed because using hormone additive in insemination. What is it? Definition from encyclopedia: Mutation is a permanent change in transmitted genetic material. Cancer occurs after a series of genetic changes. This is a local uncontrolled cell division, uncontrolled tissue growth.



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