General about Zujko


Zujko is the device which helps natural insemination of tomatoes in greenhouses.Zujko is the device which changes unhealty hormone supstances which using in reproduction. It is intend for little and middle greenhouses primarily, in places where is not possible using bumblebees. With beehive, Zujko is the most healty way to help natural insemination of flower tomato.

Device is appropriate for using in organic production.



Zujko doesn’t do insemination, it isn’t device for artifical insemination

Zujko helps natural insemination, with it this is full process.

Zujko realizes all conditions for production helty, organic food.

Zujko supplies insemination in unforable conditions ( moisture and temperature ) steps away 20% of optimal.

Zujko doesn’t need for using special knowledge and skills.

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